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The MCSF Digital Art Therapy Program

Pediatric Patient Using Her New iPad With Therapist  Bridget

Pediatric Patient Using Her New iPad With Therapist Bridget

About Digital Art Therapy

Digital Art Therapy is an effective and established form of counseling that uses the iPad to help critically ill children and teens create art to address their psychosocial needs.  The Mary Claire Satterly pediatric playroom provides the ideal setting for such a program.  Creating digital paintings, digital collages, and illustrations in this easy-to-use computer along with the skilled guidance of an art therapist, offers a way to express and cope with the stress of separation from parents and caregivers, loss of independence and control, and fears and anxieties about medical procedures.

The iPad also has the advantage over art supplies of being small, light and portable.  It is easily cleaned between uses and can be used in situations where sterile conditions are a must.

Applications for the iPad are simple and easy to use, especially for this technical generation.  Children will be extremely adept at the drawing programs.  Art Therapists offer a wealth of resource to existing treatment teams.  Psychologists, social workers, recreation therapists and child life specialists enjoy the benefits of the collaborative nature of another set of eyes and ears with their clients.  The entire multi-disciplinary team will have access to the artwork that is printed on a wireless printer and kept for future reference along with the charted information on each client.

Background on the Art Therapists

Bridget Pemberton-Smith

Bridget Pemberton-Smith

Bridget Pemberton-Smith received her BA in Studio Art from Guilford College in 1991 and later received her MA in expressive art therapies from Lesley College in Cambridge, MA in 1998.  Since graduating, she has become a board certified registered art therapist.  While running her retail business, Cameron’s, with her sister, she remains active in the field of art therapy through contract work with the NC Art Therapy Institute, serving as the current president of the Art Therapy Association of NC and also serving as one of the founding board members of the NC Art Therapy Institute.

In order to fund this program with Bridget Pemberton-Smith, equipment, and supplies for one year, The Mary Claire Satterly Foundation has committed to honor a grant in the amount of $25,000.

We are proud to announce On December 1st. 2010 the launch of the Art Therapy program in the Mary Claire Satterly Playroom has begun than to your help and support.